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  • What is the difference between Gen.2 and Classic?

    The Gen.2 line is an evolutionary continuation of the Classic. Reinforced dual brakes, premium front fork and rear shock absorber, improved headlight, modified controller settings and only powerful motors.

  • IS e-runner SUITABLE FOR offroad?

    Yes it is. The bikes have a solid construction and are designed to operate in difficult road and climatic conditions.

  • How fast are e-RUNNER bikes?

    To comply with federal regulations for electric bikes, city mode is set to 750 watts for a top speed of 20 mph with throttle (CLASS 2) or 28 mph with electric pedal (CLASS 3).
    The maximum speed in unlimited mode is 50-87 mph, depending on the modification and motor power.

  • Do I need a license to ride a Goev bike?

    The GOEV City Mode is limited to a top speed of 20 mph throttle (or 28mph electric pedal assist) and 750 watts to comply with Federal electric bicycle regulations. Each state may have its own restrictions which you can view here.
    GOEV Corp requires our users to be at least 16 years old and wear helmet to ride the ebike.
    If you would like to register your bike, please visit this link:

  • HOW CAN I buy e-runner bike?

    You can purchase this via checkout by adding the bike to your shopping cart. Or we will email you an invoice.

  • IS goev bikes available for A finansing?

    Yes, we have well-known finansing partners. Choose options at the checkout stage.

  • Are there any risks if I buy goev bike?

    No risks at all. Your money is protected at every stage. You also have the option of a refund within 14 days of receiving the bike.

  • How long do the e-runner batteries last?

    Like a Electric Car, e-RUNNER batteries will last 5-6 years before holding 70% of their original energy capacity.

  • Can the e-runner be driven in rain and snow?

    The GoEV e-bike performs well in rain or snow. Extra caution must be used for safety and control.

  • Where is the GoEV e-bike built?

    The GoEV e-bikes are designed by our engineers in the USA and built in our factory in China.

  • Is there a warranty on the e-runner bikes?

    The basic GoEV warranty is 12 months from the date of purchase of the bike. There is also an option to issue an extended warranty for 2 or more years.The warranty covers all manufacturing defects and is valid for the first and subsequent owners of the bike.
    As the owner of the GoEV e-bike, we provide technical support and advice, even if something goes out of warranty. Our GoEV owners are important to us.The warranty does not cover frequently worn parts such as tires, brake pads, or misuse of the bike.

  • What are the terms of delivery?

    Please pay attention to the following timeframes:Production time: 20-30 days
    Delivery time: 35-60 days

    We offer customers worldwide delivery.
    Shipping to the continental United States, Canada, the UK and the EU is door to door.

    In some countries / regions, depending on the logistics routes and specific legislation, delivery can be made to the nearest port or customs terminal.
    If you are located outside of the continental United States, United Kingdom or Canada, please contact us prior to purchase.

    We also ask you to clarify with the government authorities of your country the need to pay taxes / duties, as well as additional permits for import.

  • What height / weight are goev E-bikes suitable for?

    The seat was designed for riders between 5'1" - 6'7".

    Max load capacity 300lbs.

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