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e-RUNNER Gen.2

from $ 4.199

In the Gen.2 line, we have collected the most advanced components and solutions.

Powerful motors, premium spare parts, high efficiency - this is the triangle on which the new model is built.

Each element is always harmonious and consistent with other details — just as we are used to in GoEV Corp.

    Up to 87 mph speed 
    Up to 60 miles range 
    6-12 kW motor power 
    TEKTRO HD-E 745 double brakes
    DNM-USD-8S front fork
    DNM RCP-2S rear shock
    100A - 150A premium controller
    Security system
    Fast charger
    Auto Trottle / Pedal Assist
    New LED lights
    Colorful display
    Speed limiter

Your e-RUNNER Gen.2 bike adjusts its settings according to the rider's profile, from seat position settings to speed limits. A wide range of accessories allows you to assemble a bike to suit all needs.

Start of production: September 20, 2022

industrial robot

Assembly time

20-30 days

shipping time

35-60 days

  • What is the difference between Gen.2 and Classic?

    The Gen.2 line is an evolutionary continuation of the Classic. Reinforced dual brakes, premium front fork and rear shock absorber, improved headlight, modified controller settings and only powerful motors.

  • IS e-runner gen.2 SUITABLE FOR offroad?

    Yes. The bikes have a solid construction and are designed to operate in difficult road and climatic conditions.

  • HOW CAN I buy this bike?

    You can purchase this via checkout by adding the bike to your shopping cart. Or we will email you an invoice.

  • IS THIS e-bike available for A finansing?

    Yes, we have well-known finansing partners. Choose options at the checkout stage.

  • Are there any risks if I buy this bike?

    No risks at all. Your money is protected at every stage. You also have the option of a refund within 14 days of receiving the bike.

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