A new e-bike model e-RUNNER CROSS

Our bestseller e-RUNNER has already been liked by many customers. At the same time, potential buyers also asked us for an improved model that is adapted specifically for allroad.
Communicating with them, we realized that in most cases they need. This is an efficient head light, large battery capacity and powerful motors.
They don't need pedals, and most bike pegs will suffice.

Taking into account these wishes, we have developed a new model GoEV e-RUNNER CROSS.

In the e-RUNNER CROSS model, we have applied a reinforced frame for greater rigidity of the motorcycle when driving over rough terrain.
In the base, the bike is equipped with an Apollo front fork, which can be customized to the needs of a particular buyer.

A saddle with improved ergonomics gives you more comfort on and off the road.

Also in the e-RUNNER CROSS model, we used a new on-board computer with a large screen. It makes it easier to read the speed and other important indicators.

The new headlight is larger and 45% more efficient than the standard headlight.
The footpegs give better stability for cross-country driving, which is safer.

Already in the base, the bike is equipped with mudguards on the front and rear wheels. Depending on the wishes of the buyer, the bike can be equipped with 19 or 21 inch wheels.

It is also possible to choose the power of the motor: 6, 8 or 12 kilowatts, with which the bike speeds up to 87 mph (speed is electronically limited).

The e-RUNNER CROSS is equipped with a 72V 52AH high-capacity battery, which allows you to drive more than 100 miles on a single charge. And these are real numbers, not the mythical 200 miles that are claimed for the hype.

e-RUNNER CROSS Collection

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