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solution for the future

Comfortable life, clean world.

GoEV Inc. was founded by a team of enthusiasts in Casper, Wyoming, USA.
Since 2015, we have been engaged in projects in the field of ecology and electric transport, therefore we have gained experience and formed an understanding of how we can contribute to the preservation of planet Earth.
The priority areas for GoEV Inc. are the creation of powerful electric bikes for use in difficult climatic conditions.
e-RUNNER are innovative electric bikes engineered with a large margin of safety, assembled from premium components and using time-tested solutions.
A wide range of motors, wheels of different diameters, forks and seat options allows you to choose a bike that meets the goals and ergonomic features of each GoEV buyer.
An GoEV extended warranty and lifetime service let you focus on riding emotions.

Easy steps to choose

how to make the right choice?

If you've never bought an ebike before, these four easy steps can help you.


Purpose of purchase

Decide how often you will use the bike and for what purposes:- Daily trips?- Weekend walks?- City or suburb?- Streets or offroad?


additional information

Let's define additional requirements:- Do you need a high mileage?- How much motor power is needed?- Will you drive at maximum speed?- Do you have experience riding e-bikes and motorcycles?


Model selection

Check out our bike selection guideorcontact the chat and our experts will select a bike for your needs.


Purchase options

Choose a payment method convenient for you.
Decide whether you want to pay the full amount or pay in installments.

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